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Our newest (and biggest!) arrival!

Born at approximately 6:30 AM on Sunday, October 22, 2006, we're proud to introduce our new puppet, a Spectacled Flying Fox Fruit Bat!

Named Evet ("Eh-vet"), our big boy measures approximately 12" long from nosetip to toes, and has approximately an 18" wingspan. He was painstakingly modeled after real Spectacled Flying Fox fruit bats (juvenile 9-12 week old size), and is extreamly detailed and lifelike.

Evet was made with midnight-black dyed rabbit fur, and gorgeous honey-colored dyed rabbit fur rings the back of his neck. His body and head are made of a sturdy, fired clay, and painted in graduated washes for lifelike coloring. He also features real black whiskers, donated by TCD's two cats, Bast and Sehkmet.

His ears, legs, and the arm bone areas of his wings are made of a black, bendable, fired clay, making them gently positionable. Genuine black deerskin leather makes up the sails between the fingers of his wings and stretches down to his ankles.

Our sincere thanks go out to both Jenny Maclean of the Tolga Bat Hospital as well as everyone at the Austrop website. Both were an amazing source of knowledge and superb close-up reference photos, and without their help, Evet wouldn't have turned out nearly as well as he did. Please check out their sites and the amazing work they're doing. Perhaps you'll take a moment of your time to make a small donation towards the care of their bats.

In memoriam of Steve Irwin. Rest in peace, mate.


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